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Clinic One: January 12, Let's Get to the Core of It Includes Mounted Session

Happy New Year! We still have room in our January 12 clinic, Let’s Get To The Core Of It! with Ann Mary Bettenson. More about this clinic and the importance of rider fitness:


Rider fitness is not always taken into account when riding horses. We assume that the rider will get riding fit by riding, and this is true for professionals that ride 4/6+ horses a day, but for most, strength and flexibility work should happen before a rider gets in the saddle. We live in a culture built around sitting down - at desks, in cars - all of which leads to the underuse, shortening and weakening of the very muscles which need to be strong to ride. 


With this clinic, we will first discuss the important muscle groups needed for effective riding, how to strengthen and stretch them, pre-ride warm ups, and how to maintain a level of fitness that will help develop riders and help the horses, followed by a mounted session in the afternoon.


No equipment except a mat is required. Expect to workout, so wear comfortable layers. 


Contact us today to sign up for this and all of our clinics!

Winter Horse Care Clinics

2019 Program Dates to be Set for Training Program


The Professional Groom Training Certificate program is a total of eight weeks long:  six weeks of classroom and practical training followed by a two week internship.  The hands-on curriculum covers all aspects of equine management. The program's curriculum was developed in conjunction with many professionals including Olympic riders, veterinarians, farriers, professional grooms, and more and is affiliated with the Eventing Riders Association of North America.  

Six $500 scholarships are currently available to students entering the program thanks to donations from Caroline Moran and Heart of the Carolinas. To be eligible, complete the application, request a scholarship, and submit your application and deposit.

The program, offered through the Equine Management Training Center (EMTC), is taking groom education to the next level. Based at Sandy River Equestrian Center in southwestern Virginia, EMTC offers a comprehensive certification program sharing the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional groom and manage all aspects of equestrian life.  Potential employers are waiting for students to complete the training so they may be hired immediately upon program completion.

Coat Defense Joins EMTC as Sponsor!


Coat Defense has a mission to provide the equine community with effective solutions that are safe for horses, the humans who care for them, and the planet we share. All of our ingredients are natural and active on their own (no fillers in our formula). Together there is a synergistic effect that many are calling revolutionary. Follow their blog for timely and informative articles regarding Coat Defense's safe all natural products to treat ailments of all sorts.




New Sponsor! Enviro Equine

At EnviroEquine & Pet, nothing is more important than the health and well being of your animal. No matter the discipline or breed, he deserves the best all-natural care. We hand pack each product on a daily basis for guaranteed freshness and traceability. And we wouldn’t think of giving our own anything else. EnviroEquine & Pet has blended the best of nature and science to give your family’s best friend what he needs to be healthy – everyday.

RevitaVet Sponsors EMTC

Developed by science, and backed by top trainers and world class riders, RevitaVet™ is simply the best.   As an industry leader of equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet™ is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy. RevitaVet™ provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.

With over 40 years of independent research worldwide, LIGHT THERAPY has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms for HORSES, HUMANS and ALL ANIMALS!

Donation Honors Emma Ford

Emma and Happy



Caroline Moran has made a generous donation to the Equine Management Training Center to honor Emma Ford, co-author of World Class Grooming for Horses.  The funds will be used to offer $500 scholarships to 10 students of the Professional Groom Training Certificate Program.  Each student will receive a complimentary copy of Emma Ford and Cat Hill's remarkable book.

"It is our mission to help elevate the level of care and understanding that all horses experience, no matter what discipline they are involved in. We hope that though our book, clinics and training to teach that hard work, patience, and time will strengthen the relationship between each horse and his or her caretaker." - Emma Ford and Cat Hill

Andis Joins Our Sponsor Line-up

Andis understands your passion. They share it. At Andis your passion is why they don't settle for good enough. It's also why they build tools that deliver the extra performance you expect. It's their passion, too.

Interactive Anatomy Books Bring Learning to a New Level!

Anatomy-of-the-Equine offers a photographic journey of the horse.  The horse is a complex, intriguing animal. Anatomy-of-the-Equine is the unraveling of this complexity, a quest to understand the horse from the ground up.

As hoof care providers, we have sought to understand what diagnostic tools do not show. For instance, why does the external hoof not always reflect the soundness of the horse? A comprehensive understanding of what is deep inside the hoof is critical. Without it, we are often only making assumptions.

To help farriers, veterinarians and informed horse owners, a bridge between "book" anatomy and the living breathing horse was created. By using a variety of modalities to learn the anatomy of horses including carefully dissecting, diligently photographing, and then identifying all of the structures; visualization and understanding the inter-relationship between the structures was allowed.

Hoof Wraps Joins Our Team of Sponsors!

Hoof Wraps is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage for everyday horse hoof care and protection. Their special bandages are user friendly and come with a numbered step by step system printed directly on the bandage for easy application on your horse's hoof. You can easily treat common hoof problems like horse hoof abscess, thrush and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss. Hoof Wraps were specifically designed for horses on turn out so your horse can still enjoy the freedom of mobility during treatment. You'll appreciate the durability and convenience of a one size fits most bandage system along with all the time and money you'll save by not having to make and remake home-made bandages.

Southern States Sponsors EMTC!

Our newest sponsor, Southern States, brings a wealth of knowledge to our program.  From feed and nutrition to farm supplies and equipment, Southern States has it all!  Thank you Southern States, we look forward to learning about your products and their use.

Horseware Joins Our List of Excellent Sponsors

Horseware has joined our list of sponsors!  Their excellent products, from boots to blankets will be used in our Professional Groom Certificate Program.  Thank you Horseware!


January 19 - 20

Winter Horse Care Clinic Series, Clinic 2

January 26

Winter Horse Care Clinic Series, Clinic 3

February 2

Winter Horse Care Clinic Series, Clinic 4

February 23 - 24

Winter Horse Care Clinic Series, Clinic 5




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